Indaco Biazzo



Lausanne, Switzerland

I work as postdoctoral researcher at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. I have a Ph.D. in statistical physics of the Politecnico di Torino. I graduated in physics at the “La Sapienza” university of Rome. My current areas of research are generative neural network, statistical physics, epidemic inference problems and urban science.

I’m the creator and webmaster of the CityChrone project.

selected publications

  1. The autoregressive neural network architecture of the Boltzmann distribution of pairwise interacting spins systems
    Biazzo, Indaco
    Arxiv e-prints 2023
  2. A Bayesian generative neural network framework for epidemic inference problems
    Biazzo, Indaco, Braunstein, Alfredo, Dall’Asta, Luca, and Mazza, Fabio
    Scientific Reports 2022
  3. General scores for accessibility and inequality measures in urban areas
    Biazzo, Indaco, Monechi, Bernardo, and Loreto, Vittorio
    Royal Society open science 2019
  4. Epidemic mitigation by statistical inference from contact tracing data
    Baker, Antoine,  Biazzo, Indaco, Braunstein, Alfredo, Catania, Giovanni, Dall’Asta, Luca, Ingrosso, Alessandro, Krzakala, Florent, Mazza, Fabio, Mézard, Marc, Muntoni, Anna Paola, and others,
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2021
  5. CityChrone: an Interactive Platform for Transport Network Analysis and Planning in Urban Systems
    Biazzo, Indaco
    In Complex Networks & Their Applications X 2022